• Austin 10/4 battery size Hello I have an Austin 10 4 and I am looking to buy a new battery. The car is still 6 volts and can be hard to start on a single charge sometimes so I'm wondering if I can fit a larger 6 volt battery ...MORE
  • parts for austin 10 sherbourne hello, im looking for a front engine mounting and bracket which fits to the chassis of car. this is a car of my dads which he dismantled and now has sadly passed away, and i am trying to get the engin...MORE
  • Parts required for 1939 A10 Looking for help, either to find and point direction of possible sources of spare or to buy parts to complete the car. From what I can see so far, requires interior - door cards, seats, carpets,head ...MORE
  • 1936 Austin 12/4 starter motor Does anyone know the best place to buy a replacement starter motor (or spares) for my Austin 12/4. It is a Lucas m418a. The issue I have is the dog gear pushes the lock ring off the end of the spline ...MORE
  • Austin 10 cambridge 1938 I need a fuel tank sender unit, any condition.
  • austin 10 wheels Hi, trying to track down wire or easy wheels for 1930s Austin 10 which has 3 studs at 9cm between holes. Dont know if 17 or 18 inch diameter. Anybody help?
  • 1934 Austin 20 Ranelagh limo Having owned my Austin 20 EO5653 for 15 years. I sold it 2 years ago. and was wondering where it is now. I have found more spare bits for it in the garage, (as we are down sizing now). and would like...MORE
  • head stud leaking coolant I have just replaced the head on my 1935 ten with an aluminum head from a later model and it is seeping coolant from the stud between cylinder 3 and 4. Is this just because the head gasket has not set...MORE
  • Running board covers Hello, I am not able to find a running board cover for my austin 10 cambridge as I am almost done with the restoration.....can anyone help me out with it...thank you...!
  • Window winder handle Hello, I'm looking for some help in sourcing some new window winder handles for a 1934 Austin 10/4 chrome rad. I have hosted a picture of the broken handle here: s2.postimg.org/lkt4ccant/20170225_16...MORE

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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