News Headlines

  • Annual General Meeting
  • 09/Apr/2017

    Hagbourne Village Hall

    Sunday 9 April 2017

    Formal Business

    • Presentation of Driver of the Year (DOTY) trophy
    • Annual Report 2016-17
    • Annual Accounts 2016
    • Elections

    Open Forum Discussion

    • Annual Rally
    • Future Rally Venues
    • Insurance Valuations
    • Issues raised by members present


    Well attended by members from far and wide.

    All motions passed by large majorities of those present and votes by proxy.

    New honorary PRESIDENT and new executive CHAIRMAN elected.

    Committee re-elected.

    Formal business concluded within record time.


    Useful wide-ranging discussion on National Rally both this year and future years.

    Personal experiences recounted of potential difficulties of not having up-to-date insurance valuation (see article in April magazine)

    Other issues raised included digitization of records, technical fact sheets, dating chassis Nos, Membes personal details, charge for retaining number after a break in membership, website and social media.