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  • Committee Minutes
  • 12/Apr/2017
  • ATDC Committee Meetings

    It is Club policy that details of committee meetings should be available to members. The following documents are now available to view in the Members Area under Meeting Documents.


    Minutes of the board meeting 52/5 held on the morning of Saturday 21st Jamuary 2017.


    Agenda of the board meeting 52/6 held on the morning of Saturday 25th February 2017. 


    Next Meeting

    The next meeting of the committee will be held on Wednesday 12th April.  


    Committee Members

    Details of time and location will be notified to committee members after the AGM.



    Any member who wishes to attend a commitee meeting as an observer may do so. It is a good way of learning how we work - what we do and why and how we do it. There is no obligation other than of confidentiality until the record of the meeting is published.

    Please contact your nearest committee member (for contact details see Magazine inside front cover) if you wish to attend.