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  • Historical Vehicles Survey
  • 01/Nov/2016
  • FBHVC Survey 2016

    The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has published a report on their 2016 National Historic Vehicle Survey.

    Summary Statistics

    People and Vehicles

    23M people in Britain see historic vehicles as an important part of their heritage
    16M consider it important to use historic vehicles
    8.2M people interested in historic vehicles
    0.5M people own an historic vehicle
    34.900 people employed in the historic vehicle industry
    1.04M registered historic vehicles – 58% registered for use

    Sums Spent

    £17.8Bn – estimated value of historic vehicles in Britain
    £5.5M – annual spend on historic vehicle related activity
    £662M annual spend by international historic vehicles owners in Britain
    54% - proportion of employers who expect to expand their historic vehicle business


    The report may be downloaded from the FBHVC website – Research


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