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  • MoT-style Safety Checks
  • 01/Jan/2018
  • MOT-Style Checks

    With the end of formal MOT for cars registered before Jan 1st 1960 some form of self certification is now required, bearing in mind most garages are now unfamiliar with our era cars.

    To help ATDC has produced for advice on checks for the inexperience owner/driver to follow and to help enable the car to be maintained, if not by the owner then by another more skilled person, or to be attended to by “the garage”.

    Three Documents

    The ATDC MoT-style checklist has been published for members in three parts covering the main areas to be checked-

    1. Running Gear - steering, brakes, suspension
    2. Lighting - including indicators both ancient and modern
    3. Chassis and Bodywork

    Online in Members Area

    These 3 documents can be accessed and downloaded from within Documents / Technical Fact Sheets / Safety Checks

    For "peddle" please read "pedal" throughout.