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  • New FAQs
  • 29/Sep/2017
  • The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the Members Area has been reviewed and updated. It now includes a section on Car Technical FAQs, These are based on the most frequently asked questions that have appeared in the Car Technical topic of the Members Forum.


    FAQs provide short answers to common problems. FAQs do not go into great detail but nevertheless do provide basic answers to questions that are most often asked.


    As a first step FAQs are a quick and handy way off finding information. If the detail or specific issue you need an answer to is not covered then the next step is to use Search in the Members Forum. If you do not find an answer that covers it then the members forum is a good place to seek other member's advice.

    Alternatively you can contact the appropriate Club official shown on this site of in the Magazine. 








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