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  • 15/Apr/2018
  • Event Organisers Checklist & Guide

    To ensure that the organisers of any Austin Ten Drivers Club event are fully covered by the Club's public liability insurance and that all motoring events organised under the banner of ATDC are fully compliant with the laws specific to such events it is vital that the Club is told well in advance of any proposed event.

    The Road Ahead - January 2018

    As described on page 5 of the January magazine, it is important that event organisers use the existing event checklist to inform the Events Secretary in plenty of time before the event.

    Post-AGM Open Forum - 15 April

    At todays Open Forum it was agreed that the Event Organsers Checklist and Guide would be placed more prominently on the website and that both would be reviewed and updated by the newly-elected committee. In the meantime please use the existing checklist and guide.

    Downloadable Form & Guide

    To help organisers copies of the following are available for download and printing:

    • Event Checklist
    • Event Organisers Guide

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